Google Analytics for Beginners

Know what is working by finding great insights about your audience

Learn the core principles of digital analytics including how to create a Google Analytics account, collect data, and navigate reports.

  • Take lessons from Google measurement experts
  • Join the Google Analytics learning community
  • Test your knowledge

  • Introducing Google Analytics
    • Why digital analytics?
    • How Google Analytics works
    • Google Analytics setup
    • How to set up views with filters
  • The Google Analytics layout
    • Understanding full reports
    • How to set up dashboards and shortcuts
  • Basic Reporting
    • Audience Reports
    • Acquisition Reports
    • Behavior Reports
  • Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking
    • Measuring Custom Campaigns
    • Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
    • Using Goals to measure business objectives
    • Measuring AdWords campaigns
    • Course review and next steps

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