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The Powerful Way to Build WordPress Websites … Without the High Costs

“Now you can legally highjack my WordPress Website Creation secrets and use them to 

build Successful Websites with ZERO code, EVEN IF you’re a brand-new beginner to WordPress!”


If you don’t like WEBcademy over the next 14 days, I will happily refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.

Let me tell you why I offer this guarantee to you.

First – the power of WEBcademy just works. I use the principles of these courses with all of my clients because it works so well, and I am certain it will work the same for your website too.

Second – part of our core beliefs here at WEBcademy is that we put people first – ALWAYS – and we fight for your success.

I believe it, the team believes it, and I’m confident you will believe it too.

It’s simple: purchase WEBcademy, start learning how to build your website, and if it doesn’t help you learn how to build your site, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

This guarantee covers a full 14 days, and during that time, the team and I will do everything possible to help you succeed.

Thanks, and I hope we get to be part of your growth story soon!


Bryan Switalski
Founder, WEBcademy.online

All pricing is in USD. All renewals are at full price. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

“Because of WEBcademy, I’m able to enjoy an easier experience creating websites for myself and my clients. My life is different because I’m now better at my craft.“

Adam Willingham
StoryBrand Certified Guide

“This is a great starting point for anyone to learn WordPress even if they don’t have any experience in web development.”

Rachel Arimoto
WordPress Developer

“I feel equipped to take care of the tech stuff myself and move forward with my blog quickly”

Jenn Bryant
Podcast Host & Blogger

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use WEBcademy?

WEBcademy is the most up-to-date online course for WordPress. It’s built for bloggers, eCommerce websites, and all small businesses. If you want to create a WordPress website, grow your email list, and build the website of your dreams, then you need WEBcademy.

What's required to join WEBcademy?

WEBcademy can be accessed on nearly device that can access the internet, tablets and mobile phones included. The only requirement is that you must have internet access and be signed in to continue your lessons.

Do I need to pay a year upfront for WEBcademy?

We recommend Annual Membership for all new WEBcademy accounts. We’ve found over and over that members who commit to a full year of WEBcademy see far greater results in both the short and long term. Because we are committed to your success, we want to encourage practices that support our common goal.

Do I need to have coding skills to use WEBcademy?

Absolutely not. You can create and customize beautiful WordPress websites from it’s large template library without any coding knowledge. We made our lessons extremely user friendly, so you can build websites without hiring a developer.

Can I upgrade to a different plan at a later time?

Certainly! You can quickly and easily upgrade at any time by purchasing a new membership plan and following the instructions on the screen.

Can I use WEBcademy to learn how to build sites for clients?

Yes, you can most definitely use WEBcademy to learn how to build your client’s websites. You can signup for our membership to get up-to-date WordPress lessons and everything you need to deliver a top-notch experience for your clients.

Do you offer Enterprise plans?

Yes, we offer all-inclusive Enterprise plans that are designed to scale with you and come with dedicated seats. If you have a large team and train a lot of members, then you can get in touch with our sales team.

Do you have monthly plans available?

Yes, we do have monthly pricing plans available. You can find them by clicking on this link here. However, annual plans are over 50% off compared with monthly plans, so if you really want to save, we highly recommend choosing the annual plan instead!