Influencer Marketing Done Right

What do you think is the ‘ultimate’ growth hack?

The answer HAS to be influencer marketing. This is a marketing strategy that ticks all the boxes that an ultimate strategy should tick. It is highly effective, it works instantly and it’s easy. If you get this right, then you can get hundreds of thousands more people to your website overnight and completely transform your success in the process.

An Introduction

So, what is influencer marketing? Simply, this is a form of marketing that piggy backs on the success of pre-existing influencer. An influencer in this context is simply anyone who has their own website, social media account or other means of reaching a large audience.

You then team up with those influencers and in doing so, you get them to post about your content or just give you a ‘shout out’ even on their site. This then means that you are exposed to hundreds of thousands of people who have the right interests and you’re also getting a testimonial of sorts from someone that they trust. Imagine if you got a recommendation from Tim Ferriss over night: it would probably mean you could quit your day job the next day! This happened with a big YouTuber named JackSepticeye. He is now very wealthy all thanks to one shout out from Pewdiepie.

How to Make it Work

This is an exciting opportunity for growth, but it’s very difficult of course to get those influencers to respond. So, what’s the solution?

The first tip is to start from the bottom and work your way up. If you approach Tim Ferriss tomorrow, he will ignore you. But if you approach someone with the same number of visitors or even fewer than you, then you will likely get a response. Don’t dismiss this! That still doubles your exposure at least!

Another tip is to actually meet these people in real life or at least to have a phone conversation if you can. Networking is far easier in person and you become much harder to dismiss once someone has actually met you. So, attend networking events and do what you can to get an introduction. Failing that? Hire the person you want to use as an influencer. If you hire them, then they have to answer you. And once they’ve answered you, they won’t easily be able to ignore you in future!

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