Want Traffic? Get Online!

Charisma On Command is a great brand that tells people how to emulate their favorite celebrities and public figures in order to be just as engaging, just as dynamic and just as charismatic. The central concept is that charisma can be learned and once you tap into that, you can command an audience and gain respect.

The owner of the site, Charlie Houpert, began making posts several years ago. He desperately wanted this to be his primary income, so he went ahead and quit his job and get an investment. But the traffic never came. It went on this way for months until eventually he was ready to give up.

Until he and his business partner decided to try putting all their focus on the YouTube side of things. Then things really started to take off and today the channel and the brand are booming.

This is not a one-off story. It’s a common tale that is true for many online entrepreneurs once you start reading around!

Why YouTube is Your Missing Link

So why is YouTube so powerful? What’s the secret here?

It basically comes down to the fact that YouTube is far more engaging that written content. Video is far more effective at commanding attention and engaging us. Part of this comes down to the fact that it’s moving. Partly it’s the music. Partly it’s the production values and the fact that this isn’t something anyone could create in their Mum’s bedroom – it requires skill.

When used correctly, this allows you to much more effectively win over an audience – to gain their trust and to get them to hit subscribe. You can then ask them in person if they would head over to your website and join the mailing list.

The other big benefit of YouTube is that it is essentially a form of search engine like Google – but one with considerably less competition. You’ll probably never get to the top of Google for ‘biceps workout’ but it’s completely possible on YouTube. Likewise, YouTube lets you piggy back on the success of other popular videos by using similar tags and text.

Yes, YouTube takes a lot of investment and time. It is not for everyone. But if you’re not seeing results just yet and you’re close to quitting, then putting some investment into YouTube is certainly worth a try! Give it a go and it might just be what you’re looking for.

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